Our Story - Barbapapi

Founded by Laura Myara, a French-Canadian mom passionate about quality, design and creativity, Barbapapi is a curated online baby boutique which offers carefully selected pieces for babies/toddlers from age 0 to 5 years old. 
We combine timeless, classic, chic European baby fashion with sweet, pure amusement. Every piece we offer in our shop is of the best possible quality and fabric.
Laura Myara - Barbapapi founder
Presented in carefully crafted packaging, our garments are stylish, kind to kids' precious skin as well as to the environement.
We feel privileged to be able to provide the clothes that are worn during life's most whimsical and magical time, when days are filled with adventures, imagination and curiosity. Moreover, we thrive to offer parents a chance to re-experience the pleasures and charms of their own childhood, through our products.
The name Barbapapi is a combination of 'barbe à papa', which means cotton candy in french, a favourite sweet childhood pleasure, and Papi - Grandpa.  We love the comforting, old-fashion connotation that 'Papi' has and our shop embodies that vintage feel as well. 
Barbapapi's world is sophisticated, unique, creative, filled with magic. Just like our kids.