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Choosing your child’s day care - A complete guide

  One of the first major parenting decisions you will have to make will be to put your baby/toddler in daycare. It is a big decision and will represent a huge change in your child’s life. I believe that a child who goes to a daycare that is right for them will start blooming, acquire new skills, significantly develop linguistically, physically, motorically and socially. As a parent, you should be sending your child off in the morning with the confidence that they are being nurtured, loved, that they are safe and enjoying themselves. On these feelings, you should not compromise....

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Baby products I bought...and regretted to be honest!

So you’re a new mom You want the very best for your baby. Top quality, uber chic, newest technology, shiny, gorgeous, comfy, stylish, cool, brand new, edgy etc, etc. You’re finding yourself anticipating all kinds of needs you and your baby may or may not have and making all kinds of purchases based on that. You are a smart, educated lady and you know somewhere deep down that there is a ginormous baby product marketing machine which plays on your emotional side and takes advantage of generous, loving, kind hearts like yours :) Of course, you will find some essential...

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Hospital Bag - The Comprehensive List

The infamous hospital bag If you’ve spent a big chunk of your pregnancy nesting, researching baby essentials and trying to be as prepared as possible for when baby comes, I promise you, as soon as your pregnancy term approaches, you will start to think about the infamous hospital bag. One would think that packing a bag for a few days stay should be quite straight forward, but the more you get into it, these questions come up: How long am I packing for? I haven’t even met this baby yet, how am I supposed to already pack a bag for...

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